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End of Summer

As the leaves start to change, and we can feel a cold bite in the air, we know that fall is on its way! The kids go back to school, and we look forward to fall activities in our communities.

We are all looking forward to the changing colors around us, and for some of us, football season!

At Intersect Services, we start into our “creative season”.

So, what makes this time so special for us at Intersect Services? Well, we look forward to helping plan the Community Social Club Christmas Party, Creating a tree for the Christmas Tree Jubilee, Planning the next year and setting both business and personal goals, and most of all, spending quality time with our families and friends.

Over the next few months, Intersect Services LLC. will be going through some fantastic changes. We have been working very hard to build this business and give the best quality services we can. Now it’s time that we share what we have been doing with our community!

Stay tuned for upcoming events for both Community Social Club and Intersect Services!

Thank you!

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