What We Offer

We like to consider ourselves the "Support Coordination Concierge" in our field.   We offer a lifelong holistic approach to ensure you or your family is able to make the most of your benefits and get the services you need.

Simply put, we have the knowledge and background to get resources you or your family need.                    

con·cierge noun  \kōⁿ-ˈsyerzh, ˌkän-sē-ˈerzh

     : a usually multilingual hotel staff member who handles luggage and mail, makes reservations, and arranges tours; broadly :  a person employed (as by a business) to make arrangements or run errands

Intersect Services, LLC  has four major contracts- 

DSPD Community Services Waiver- Provides adults and children who have intellectual disabilities or related conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders. We have programs and services that can help. These services in the community are in lieu of a more restrictive environment such as an ICF/ID or the Utah State Developmental Center.

DSPD Acquired Brain Injury Waiver- A waiver for people over the age of 22 who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Like the Community Services Waiver, it offers a less restrictive environment in a community setting.

DSPD Service Brokering- Is for people on the DSPD waiting list and it contains two parts.  One is for families that need support in the home and the other is for employment to develop natural resources in the community.

Health Department EPAS- EPAS is for people with disabilities who are working at least 10 hours a week who have Medicaid which provides them with support in work related living skills and transportation as an example.

We monitor quality, to assess services of consumers, and provide advocacy to those we serve.
We are very knowledgeable about the following services and programs:

        •                            DSPD (Division of Services for People with Disabilities)
                                     Self Administered Services
                                     Day Training, and Supported Employment
  •                            Vocational Rehabilitation
  •                            Medicaid Benefits
  •                            Mental Health
  •                            Behavioral
                               Social Security Benefits
  •                            Residential Services
  •                            Social Opportunities and Recreation


As an agency that cares, we are experienced in bereavement, aging, and many other services that may be utilized by the people we serve.

Discover the Intersect Difference

We believe in a team approach. At Intersect, we pride ourselves in our ability to work as a team. When you select a support coordinator, you gain access to other support coordinators with a variety of different expertise available to you.

Our caseloads are smaller. We have a maximum of 30 on our caseloads. 

Intersect Services has a retention rate of 99.96% of our cases

Cutting edge knowledge of new community programs and requirements.

75% of our cases we have served for 5 years or longer.

Government statistics show on average of 50% of funding goes to administrative tasks.  We have invested in systems and processes to allow us to only spend 25% on administrative, leaving 75% of our funding to go directly to serving our individuals, which is a 50% improvement over the average.

Intersect Services has developed a plan for longevity.  Services can stay consistent and ongoing. We have invested in training for business and in our community.  Intersect Services and the four owners have been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women, and has membership in the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Intersect Services is the founder and  major sponsor for Community Social Club, a private, non-profit organization that provides free and low cost activities for people with disabilities in Northern Utah.


Our Team

Carol Griggs

Carol Griggs, QIDP,

Chief Human Resources Officer

Carol has a BS in Social Work from Weber State University and has worked in the field with service providers as well as working as a Support Coordinator since 2008. Carol has a specialty with families, and consumers with mental health needs and consumers with dual diagnosis.  Carol serves the areas of Cache, Box Elder, Weber, and Davis Counties.

Debbie Pearson

Debbie Pearson, QIDP, BSW, CBP

Chief Operations Officer

Debbie has a BS in Social Work from Utah State University and been a Support Coordinator for over twenty years and has served on several committees for developing better services. In addition, she is also a Certified Social Security Benefits Planner and has years of experience as a Support Broker where she developed a variety of services for people on the DSPD waiting list. Debbie serves the areas of Cache, Box Elder, Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake Counties.

Kimberly D. LeRoux

Kimberly D. LeRoux, QIDP

Chief Marketing Officer

Kimberly has a BA in Psychology from Weber State University and has worked with service providers as a direct staff member and program coordinator before becoming a Support Coordinator.  She has also served as a support coordinator for ten years. Kimberly also specializes in Day Training, Residential Programs, and has a background in Behavioral Management. Kimberly is also the Executive Director of Community Social Club. Kimberly serves Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and North Utah County Areas.

Shonna Smiley

Shonna Smiley, QIDP, ABISC, SSW

Chief Financial Officer 

Shonna has a BS in Psychology and Social Work from Weber State University and  been in the Social Work field for over 20 years with a strong emphasis on Support Coordination, Brain Injury, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Children's Services. She has also worked with Aging, and Hospice, and is a certified Grief Counselor and recently served as the ISCA President. Shonna serves Cache, Box Elder, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties.

Sue Stapp

Sue Stapp, QIDP, SSW, CSB, CBP

Sue has a BS in Social Work from Brigham Young University worked in the field for over thirty years, and has retired from a successful career at DSPD and the Division of Aging. She has made several important contributions during her tenure at DSPD where she held a supervisory position and sat on many committees. Sue was also the author of the DSPD's "Brain Injury Waiver". Sue serves the Davis County area.









 Sara Cheshire, QIDP, ABISC

Sara has a background in provider services and has a BS in Education  with an emphasis on Exercise Science from Utah State University. Within the year, she will also have her ABISC certification. Sara serves Cache, Box Elder, Weber, Salt Lake, and Davis Counties.


Charles Davis, QIDP, ABISC

Charles serves Cache, Box Elder, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties.

Diane Fenn, QIDP, ABISC, SSW

Diane has a BS in Liberal Arts from  Utah State University.  Graduated with  BA from USU in liberal arts, current SSW license, worked with mentally ill, hard of hearing, Alzheimer's Association and hospice.  Working with hospice and elderly is one of her passions! Diane serves the Box Elder and Cache areas.

Annie Robison, QIDP, ABISC, MSW

Annie has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Utah and has worked in the medical field as a social worker. Annie serves the Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Box Elder County areas.